Asian Body Work Therapy

Asian Bodywork Therapy (ABT) is a classical branch of treatment in Asian Medicine, and is rooted in the same concepts and philosophies to improve health and extend life as discovered in China, Thailand and India over 2,500 years ago. 

ABT offers a coherent theory to improve the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of a patient’s life. This therapy, which can interface well with conventional modern medicine, has its own nomenclature, physiology, pathology, and therapeutics, which create a complex system of medicine, scientifically proven and documented in classical and modern texts. In an ABT session, the patient remains clothed and lies on a massage bed while the techniques are performed. Often it is appropriate to cover the area of the body being treated with an extra sheet and use TuiNa techniques that utilize this extra layer between patient and practitioner to achieve the intended treatment goal. A significant amount of time is needed in developing a collaborative relationship with patients, assisting them in every health aspect, and promoting an awareness of what “wellness” feels like. TuiNa could be compared to deep tissue massage, in that, often techniques target deeper layers of muscle but in practice there are many different techniques that are used in any given session.

The typical session includes intake, one hour treatment, and herbal consultation. ABT can be used as a preventive measure by identifying imbalances and restoring the flow of energy before symptoms manifest. Practitioners will have in mind at all times that the aim is not just to fix a particular problem or symptom but to restore the flow of energy overall.

Liniments, compresses, herbal baths, and essential oils can be applied to take advantage of their own particular energetic qualities that have an affinity for particular organ systems of the body. Dr. Steven East LAc, DOAM, AOBTA-CP is an Certified Practitioner and brings years of experience and compassion to our practice. 

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