Massage Services

Massage Services Offered

  • Quantum Massage

This session is enhanced with quantum healing therapies, designed to promote healing and balance in the mind and body. We will use a combination of traditional and therapeutic massage techniques plus an Inner-Voice to create a truly customized binaural music selection designed to balance your specific emotional and physical needs.

  • Wellness Massage 

This full body session is designed to calm the central nervous system to reduce stress and anxiety. Depending on the length of massage chosen, we will focus on specific areas with more pressure, or a lighter pressure over the whole body. This session may include cupping, hot towels, CDB oil or lavender scented oil.

Other Services Offered 

  • Frequency Therapy Treatment

This session is all about Frequencies. Combines several tools to help you vibrate at a higher frequency: amethyst crystal biomat, AO Scan technology, terahertz frequencies, and red light therapy

  • Integrative Frequency Treatment + Scans

This session, offered remotely, includes: 3- Bioresonance Scans + Reports: Inner Voice Vitals + Optimization Comprehensive + Optimization 1- Custom Frequency Broadcast 1- 30min. Energy Healing.

Massage therapy, an age-old practice rooted in various cultures, offers a plethora of health benefits, both mental and physical. By applying structured or unstructured pressure, tension, motion, or vibration to the body, massage can alleviate a range of ailments. One of the primary benefits of massage is its effectiveness in reducing muscle tension and pain. By targeting specific muscle groups, massage therapy can ease stiffness and improve mobility. This is particularly beneficial for those suffering from chronic pain conditions like arthritis or lower back pain. The manipulation of soft tissues enhances blood circulation, which not only aids in muscle recovery but also promotes the healing of injuries.
Stress reduction is another significant benefit. The soothing effect of massage can lower levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, while boosting the production of endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine – neurotransmitters that play a key role in mood regulation. This can lead to improved emotional well-being and reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression.
Additionally, massage therapy can enhance the immune system's function. By stimulating the lymphatic system, massage helps in the removal of toxins and increases the flow of lymph, which is rich in immune cells. This can lead to improved overall health and resistance to illness. Moreover, for those struggling with insomnia or poor sleep quality, massage can be beneficial. By promoting relaxation and reducing stress, it can help improve sleep patterns, essential for overall health and well-being. In summary, massage therapy offers multifaceted health benefits, including pain relief, stress reduction, improved circulation and immune function, and better sleep quality, making it a valuable tool for enhancing physical and mental health.

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