Sleep/Insomnia Care 

Insomnia is one of the most common sleep disorders and typically presents itself in two different forms: chronic and transient (or occasional). It may surprise you to learn that this disorder affects nearly 40% of all adults and leads to feeling tired, tense, lazy, delayed reactions, distractions or headaches. Insomnia, left untreated, can even lead to mental illnesses. 

Chinese medicine, especially acupuncture, has long been known to treat insomnia within eastern medicine practices. As it is difficult to treat insomnia with medications, acupuncture has returned as a highly effective method to finally get those foundationally required “Zs” that your brain has long been wanting. 

Austin Acupuncture and Integrative medicine practitioners have diligently studied the acupuncture points and practices available to those with this disorder and are here to help you achieve the deep state of rest you need to be your best and true self. Reach out to us today for a consultation and experience a treatment for yourself.